Introducing Architectural Series from Get Real Stone – a premium line of natural stone thin veneer products produced entirely in the United States. All thin stone products in this line conform to the Uniform Building Code’s weight specifications of 15 lbs/sq ft or less. Matching corners are available, allowing your project to have the look and feel of a full-bed stone application at a fraction of the weight and cost.

The Carolina Collection

Harvested in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the Carolina Collection is a group of natural stone products with 10 distinct colors offered in 4 styles (or cuts), making it easy to compare and choose the perfect stone for your project. Landscape products, such as flagstone and decorative boulders, are available to match most of the colors in this line.

Mosaic Carolina Stone


Random Irregular Shape
Face sizes from 8" x 8" to 14" x 14"
Natural back (two usable faces)
No sawed edges

Random Ashlar - Carolina Collection

Random Ashlar

Roughly Rectangular Shape
3" to 12" Rise | 6" to 18" Length
Natural back (two usable faces)
Some edges may be sawed

Splitface Ledge - Carolina Collection

Splitface Ledge

Rustic Splitface Ledgestone
1" to 5" Rise | Random Length
Some edges may be sawed

Uniform Ledge - Carolina Collection

Uniform Ledge

Bedface Ledgestone w/ Uniform Rise
2", 4" and 6" Rise | Random Length
Sawed top and bottom | Untrimmed ends

Inspiration from Carolina Collection Projects

The Highlands Collection

Harvested in the the high-elevation areas of the Smoky Mountains, the Highlands Collection includes schist, granite, gneiss, and weathered fieldstone in various styles (or cuts). Landscape products, such as decorative boulders, are available to match most of the colors in this line.


Rustic granite gneiss in 3 styles

Biltmore Blend

Multi-color schist in 3 styles

Elk Ridge

Textured granite in 4 styles


Weathered fieldstone in 3 styles

Harvest Peaks Random Ashlar Swatch

Harvest Peaks

Blend of schist & granite in 3 styles

Lake Tahoma Random Ashlar Swatch

Lake Tahoma

Blend of gneiss & granite in 4 styles

Old Stoneyhurst

Rustic granite gneiss in 3 styles

Inspiration from Highlands Collection Projects

Architectural Accessories

Architectural Accessories include natural water table/sills, natural wall & column caps, and natural hearths, mantels & treads.” Also, provide a link to the page Home » Architectural Series » Architectural Accessories

Coyote Gray Pitched

Natural Water Tables & Sills

Nominal dimensions (+/1 1/4″) – 2″ thick x 3″ wide x 12″+ long

Coyote Gray natural Caps

Natural Wall & Column Caps

Fabricated to customer specifications

Natural Hearths, Mantels, & Treads

Fabricated to customer specifications

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