Natural Steps & Treads

Natural Steps are irregular in shape but have at least one relatively straight edge. Treads are available in several standard sizes. Custom sizes are available by special order.


  • Random irregular shape
  • Relatively smooth slabs
  • At least one fairly straight long edge
  • 6″ to 8″ thick
  • 14″ to 24″ deep
  • 36″ to 48″ long
  • Stacked flat on a pallet
  • 1,900 lbs to 2100 lbs per pallet
  • Sold by the ton
natural steps


Rustic Treads

  • Natural top and bottom
  • Thermaled front edge and ends
  • Upcharge for pitched edges
  • 2″ nominal thickness
  • Several standard sizes
  • Custom sizes by special order

Sawed Treads

  • Sawed top and bottom
  • Thermaled top, front edge and ends
  • Upcharged for pitched edges
  • Larger sizing by special order
  • Several standard sizes
  • Custom sizes by special order

Inspiration from Steps & Treads Projects

Our landscaping stone  is some of the world’s most beautiful quality stone. Contact our team today, to learn more about how you can use this stone in your next project.

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