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How Stone Related Projects Can Increase Your Home’s Value

There are many reasons to perform a home improvement project, with improved safety, comfort, aesthetics, and functionality being some of the primary motivators behind many renovations. However, as important as each of these concepts are, homeowners will undoubtedly be looking at how they will affect resale value as well. Therefore, when researching for your next

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5 Stunning Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior This Fall

There are many reasons why people list fall as their favorite season. Pumpkin spice. Sweaters. The changing colors. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that the comparably moderate temperatures after a summer of scorching heat make for the perfect reason to get outside and enjoy your home’s exterior. With this in mind, keep reading

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Artifical Stone Facts

Artificial Stone: The Real Facts

Architects and general contractors are constantly looking for ways to reduce construction costs of new homes. One area where many of them cut costs is on the exterior façade of the home. This is why we see so much artificial (or synthetic) stone being used today. However, when choosing between natural stone and the man-made

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